We build long-term relationships with our clients. We build trust. But don't take our word for it. Below your find a series of personal testimonials from some of our cherished clients and friends:

Huge Savings in Grand Traverse County

To the staff of Versatile Mortgage,
I would like to express my appreciate for the unparalleled service with regard to managing my mortgage.

Your business model of "free/no costs" refi's is something that I recognize o be an unusual benefit for the confidence placed in your organization and practically not believable without my first-hand experience. This second refinance has resulted in a benfit of paying off my mortgage almost 4 years sooner with a monetary value of over $60,000 over and above the first refinance transaction, and I understand that we can do it again after 6 months depending upon market conditions.

Rest assured that I will be more than happy to recommend your firm if/when an opportunity presents itself to do so.

Please feel free to share my experience with others in the form of media, etc, for the purpose of adding credibility to your service's offered.

Danielle Begin


Self Employed 10% Down – 90% Purchase - Conforming No PMI 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

Dear Randy, Paula, and Shaun,
Thank you all for helping us complete our home purchase. We are so grateful for all you did to make it happen. I'll let you know when we're back in town, and we're certainly happy to refer Versatile to others should they ask.

Thanks again, and I know we'll be in touch soon,

Self Employed 0$ Down – 100% Purchase -RD Guarantee 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

100% RD loan! This loan was very smooth and easy, my friend Nabiel who owns a restaurant called Zakey here in Traverse City had the dream of becoming a home owner. He got the opportunity to build his home and I closed the end loan for him. When it was all said and done Nabiel didnt have any money out of pocket. I was able to get everything covered for him including his one years pre paid home owners insurance and the appraisal. This is another great example of why we are called "Versatile". If you are in Traverse City stop in and see Nabiel, he always greets his customers during their meal. You can find him on the web at http://zakeytc.com/ Enjoy!

0$ Down – 100% Purchase -RD Guarantee 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

100% RD loan, Another great loan closed for my clients. Deb works for a very popular Jewler here in Traverse City called Miners North. Chances are if you have been to TC you have been to Miners North. In this loan my buyers did not have to bring ANYTHING out of pocket to close the loan. Payment was $500 less than their monthly rent which is a $6,000 a year savings!! Next time your in TC stop by and say hi to Deb at Miners North, tell her Shaun sent you.

100% In-House Construction loan with a 0$ Down 100% RD Guarantee 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

This was the perfect combo! Not only did I get Ray a smoking rate, I also got him an In-House Construction loan to build his massive house. The Construction loan was VERY VERY easy to close and only took a week or so. Once we had the appraisal and the approved plans it was simply a matter of having a meeting to sign the papers and away we went. The Builder was tickled and never had an issue with a draw. Versatile makes the process of building your own home VERY simple and easy. Oh and did I mention that Ray only had $500 in the entire deal! Another example of why Versatile Mortgage LLC has financing solutions that set the bar for the industry to chase.

Huge Monthly Savings in Grand Rapids!!!

A BIG thanks to Shaun & Versatile Mortgage! I have owned my home for almost 2 years; When I first closed on my house, I had an FHA loan at 5.375% with monthly mortgage insurance. I considered refinancing my home after seeing rates drop in the media. I made a phone call to Shaun and he strongly agreed with me. I didn’t immediately jump on this idea; Shaun contacted me again when rates dipped extremely low and asked what I had decided. So instead of dragging my feet I said "Yes let’s do it"! A few minutes later I was locked into a regular conforming loan with no mortgage insurance at 3.875%. I started to gather what I needed to make this happen. Asking around, no one that I talked with could beat that rate that Shaun was able to get me! Shaun was so helpful and informative! His ability to constantly watch the market and make proactive decisions saved me a ton! He was always available by phone, text, or email; which made this process go so quickly and smooth. I am so happy with my decision! Versatile, you have a wonderful team and people who truly care about their clients! I am saving $189 a month and I DONT HAVE MORTGAGE INSURANCE!!!!!! Thank you again for everything! Bridgette in GR

Second Time Home Buyers 0$ Down – 100% Purchase -RD Guarantee 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

I would like to take a moment and express our sincere thanks to you Shaun and Versatile Mortgage. As you know my Husband and I had been through some very tough economic times in the past and it was difficult for us to place our trust in someone due to that past experience buying a home. When we met you, you were different than any mortgage banker we had ever met. Instead of telling us there wasn’t anything you could do for us, you spent a lot of time teaching us and gave us a road map on how to proceed. You remained in contact with us and worked very closely with us both. Your encouraging words and superb guidance provided us with the exact plan we needed. The education we received about our credit is invaluable. Versatile Mortgage is not just a mortgage company, you are so much more, and you are truly versatile. We can’t thank you enough. Stephanie, Scott and family

First Time Home Buyers 0$ Down – 100% Purchase -RD Guarantee 30 year fixed mortgage in Traverse City, Michigan:

A friend of mine used Shaun Gober and Versatile Mortgage to buy his first home with no money down and got a very interest rate. My wife and I talked about it and we decided to call Shaun and find out of we could buy. We met Shaun at Versatile for our initial consultation and he pulled our Credit. We had never seen our credit report before. Shaun made suggestions on how to raise my credit score myself. I had to take care of a few medical collections (which I did that day) and I needed another trade line which he showed me how to get. I worked with Shaun for a few months until my credit scores went from a 586 fico score to a 686 fico score. I was able to then qualify for 100% financing and my wife and I purchased our very first home. Our two boys couldn't be more happy now they have their own rooms and it was just in time too because we have another baby on the way. Thank you Shaun and the staff at Versatile Mortgage for taking the time to educate my wife and me and help our family achieve home ownership. We are in your gratitude. We highly recommend Versatile and Shaun to ANYONE seeking to purchase a home. They really do make it very easy and simple to achieve. Sincerely Eva, Nick and Family.

Here's what another couple had to say about Versatile Mortgage in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

When my Wife and I were ready to buy our first home we began our application process at the Credit Union I belonged to since I was 14 years old. We filled out the paperwork and two days later were denied a mortgage by our Credit Union without any explaination. I remembered that Shaun was with Versatile Mortgage and if anyone could tell me why we were turned down it would be him. He took a look at our income, assets and credit and found a simple mistake reporting on my credit report. With in three days the error was fixed and we were approved for an FHA mortgage at a great rate!! Versatile made the application process simple and didnt make my wife or I feel like a "Number". Versatile approved us for a loan and gave me my pre-approval letter so we could get started house shopping! After our offer was accepted Versatile closed our loan in two weeks! The initial fee's that were quoted were actually LESS at closing! The entire process was very simple. We have a beautiful new home and a very low affordable payment. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about purchasing a home to call Versatile Mortgage. My wife and I love our new house. Thank you Shaun, Randy & Dolores. You did what others said couldn't be done! Matt & Faith in Grand Rapids, MI.

100% VA End Loan Mortgage – A Reired US Navy Veteran Beulah, Michigan:

Shaun Gober at Versatile Mortgage helped me secure my new 100% construction loan and my VA end loan for my new house. I never thought getting a mortgage would be so easy. They took care of everything! As a retired Navy Veteran I highly recommend Versatile for any VA or construction mortgage. I didnt have to do a thing, they took care of everything! Thank you Shaun! Al & Jan in Beulah, MI.

Never to old to buy your first home!!!

A “Thank You” for everything you did for us is not enough. It’s somewhat embarrassing that we just now bought our first home and we are in our 50’s but it feels amazing to not be renters anymore!! You made everything so simple and easy and you delivered more than what you promised. Randy and I can’t thank you enough for everything you and Versatile Mortgage LLC have done for us.

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